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Yamoto ATV's:

Diamo Scooters:
2006 Diamo Fury 150cc
2006 Diamo Velux 150cc Convertible Top

2006 Diamo Retro 150cc
Available in: Orange, Purple, Baby blue, Cream, & Pink

2006 Diamo Tracer 150cc
2005 Diamo Turista 260cc
2005 Diamo Retro 150cc
2005 Diamo Velux 150cc Convertible Top
2005 Diamo Tracer 150cc
2005 Diamo Fury 150cc

300LM Sintaur
300VM Appaloosa
300CM Throroughbred
300FM Clydesdale
300SM Bronco
300PM Quarterhorse

CLASSICAL stylings of a vintage scooter is all the rage right now. Now you can have that same look of a Vespa with the reliability of a new engine with improved technology. The Retro model is a throwback design of scooters that are still very popular today. The Retro scooter is very easy to handle and a lot of fun to ride.

All of our 150cc scooters share the same powertrain and in some cases other components as well. Most important of all is the scooter comes with larger 13" tires which means that not only does it ride smoother and handle better but can easily handle two passengers. A powerful 150cc motor is packed into the smaller frame (smallest in our 150cc class) to make this one of the fastest and sportiest scooters we have. Most of the components on this scooter (ceramic cylinder, drivetrain, shock absorber, brakes and all the electric units and wire) are produced by some of the best scooter manufacturers in Taiwan.

The Retro Model offers electronic ignition, quick acceleration, excellent fuel economy, low emissions and noise, as well as low maintenance and excellent reliability. Other features include 13" tires with ABS DISC BRAKES to make this the most sporty scooter you have ever ridden on. All of these features in a very attractive, yet affordable package.

The Retro is street legal and meets all EPA and DOT regulations.


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